Why Parjet?

Most users in the past are familiar with sealing components such as oil seals, o-rings and packings. However, with the advancement of industrial automation, most of existing materials are no longer able to meet users' requirements. Spring and o-ring energized PTFE (POLYTETRAFLUOROETHENE) seals, therefore, become one of the most popular sealing solution for all industries.

Seals in PTFE material is equipped with excellent resistance against high pressure, high & cryogenic temperature and corrosive media (PH 0~14). With self-lubricated characteristics, PTFE has become the only solution for most of the harsh application requiring low friction of coefficient, low break-out and no stick-slip. Most common applications are such as FPSO, LNG rotary joint, cryogenic valves, LNG nozzles & receptacles, large-scale servo hydraulic cylinders, API 6A & API 6D wellhead equipments, CNC machines, oil-free air compressors, robotic arms, dispensing robot dispensers, high pressure waterjet cutting machines and vehicle equipments.

With high demand of sealing techniques comes with much higher sealing knowledge. Therefore, not only selecting the suitable material is a critical issue but also the manufacturing capability. For many years, manufacturers of CNC machine, air compressors and others have been relying on imported sealing components which have always been a huge financial burden.

In view of the above, ParJet has invested enormous funds in developing sealing technology and manufacturing capability. Till now, ParJet has already imported various CNC lathes, compression molded press, isostatic press, sintering oven, spring forming machinery, laser welding machines, automatic seal-lip trimmers and computer-aid seal friction and wear test equipment. After years of striving, we have registered our product names such as HiPerSeal, HiPerLip and ParJet. Furthermore, ParJet has also become the only supplier for Formosa Plastics Group, China Steel Corp., Taiwan Power Co. and ASE Group.

Just like seal manufacturers in Europe and US, ParJet is now able to provide integrated chain from raw material to seal finished parts. To pursue superior quality of PTFE components, ParJet has invested enormous fund and soon will import CIP system (Cold Isostatic Press) making us one of the best PTFE producers in the world. In addition to top grade of material, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) has been widely applied for all of our seal design to ensure that our customers get the best products. With all these, ParJet will soon become one of the leading seal manufacturers in the world.

We provide

o Hydraulic, pneumatic and rotary sealing solution
o Hydraulic and pneumatic from Parker Sealing Group
o Dedicate to manufacture special seal with quick deliver
o Sealing solution for specific application
o 24 hours on-time delivery
o Standard and customized HiperSeal® and HiperLip®
o Professional sealing consulting and service


Quality Control Management

We are committed to ensure the product quality and management. In 2015, we successfully achieved ISO 9001/ TS 16949 certificate.The significant of these two certificates not only represents our ability to produce best qulity product but also our ability to achieve on-time delivery worldwide.