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Application - customized seal design

When developing new sealing models, due to harsh application conditions, inability to use standard or conventional seals, or when users demand extended seal life and performance people often have trouble designing new types of seal. Parjet has the ability and experience to develop high-performance seals. Parjet can work closely with you to meet the expected design or improve your seal design by using the most appropriate materials to meet your sealing operationing condition. Our engineers have extensive experience in design and verification. Through simulation analysis and verification, we can turn your dream into reality, not only to provide outstanding sealing solution, but also to help confirm the design of related hardware such groove dimension and consider installation and maintenance, finally become your best sealing design partner and enhance your product value.

Seals are available for:

  • Diameters: up to 2500mm -200°C ~ +260°C

  • Pressure: Vacumm to 1000bar

  • Low friction and wear

  • Harsh and corrosive environment

  • High surface speeds and high PV limits

  • Temperature range

What we can do


Seal design software

With our advanced seal design software and 3D modeling, Parjet can quickly design a wide range of seals and reduce the cost of design and development of your seals.


Rich material database


In recent years, seals are required properties of low friction, pressure resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and corrosion which PTFE, PCTFE, UHMW-PE and PEEK have, and gradually expanded the application range of traditional elastomer (rubber, PU) seals. By completing many of the impossible tasks of dynamic sealing in the past, our main goal is to master the characteristics of these engineering plastics, and make good use of suitable components (such as springs, O-ring, etc.) to meet a variety of demanding applications. Parjet engineers have established a completed database of rubber and plastic sealing materials to understand their mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Through modeling and analysis, we can select the appropriate sealing materials and designs for various applications to provide your with the most reliable solutions. Parjet not only cooperates with international manufacturers to develop advanced plastics, but also produces a variety of commonly used plastics to provide you with the most economic seals.

Professional design experience and know-how


Parjet has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of seals. We have been in contact with seals around the world for more than 20 years, so we have extensive application experience and a solid theoretical analysis foundation. As a result, we can understand the exact needs of customers, ensuring the right materials and the right seal design for the given application.

Professional production - fast delivery


Parjet has a number of CNC machines for seal production, along with material production equipment such as molding machines and isostatic press. Parjet is also equipped with V, H, C spring forming machines, laser micro-welding machines, high-order optical detectors, etc. Making Parjet has the ability to manufacutre forms, size and material of seals. Non-standards seals are also available for short-term delivery and can save customers the cost of expensive molding or specific tools.


Wide range of applications

Parjet customized seals have been used in various industries and have been recognized by customers. We have successfully enter the supply chain of various OEM equipment, such as oil and gas equipment, floating tower of floating storage and offloading unit (FPSO), API wellhead oil recovery, Christmas tree valves, steel mill equipment such as HAGC, dispensers and adhesive dispensing systems, water jets, paint and solvent production and application equipment, chemical pumps and valves, rotary joints, pharmaceutical and food production, LNG filling guns , high pressure hydraulic pressure, low temperature valves, etc.


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