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ParJet provides whole series of pneumatic & hydraulic seals meeting the requirements of harsh operating conditions such as steel industry, construction machinery, off-shore facilities, transmission & storage, and tire industries. For those applications involving JIS, ISO, ANSI/NFPA international standard sealing grooves, ParJet can provide instant sealing solution.  

We have advanced & world-known CNC precision lathes and various material inventories for sealing. And fast delivery is upon customer’s request especially for non-standard seals or seals with customized design. The data base of seal profiles is synchronized with world-known corporations. By selecting your sealing profile and dimensions, production is automatically in process with high quality.

With strong manufacturing capability of pneumatic & hydraulic seals, ParJet continually enhances designing and analyzing abilities toward different applications in various industries. As the industrial leader, ParJet imported FEA software which is applied by world-known seal manufacturers and further established technical center focusing on pneumatic & hydraulic sealing analysis. As a result, our successful testimonials are given from heavy-duty, high-polluted, high-temperature, long stroke, even underwater cylinder application.

In addition to years of experiences in seal design and production, we are also known as an upstream PTFE manufacturer producing PTFE semi-finished products in-house, thanks to our advanced PTFE processing technology, all of the finished parts are made from isostatic & compression molded tubes.

The hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders act as not only actuator but also precise position to meet increasing demands derived from more complex process equipment. PTFE seals can provide much lower friction without any stick-slip effect to guarantee smooth running even for intermittent operation or long-stroke application. They perform reliable sealing function even under high service pressure and high surface speed. PTFE with inherent low friction and wear resistant property can effectively improve service life of the seal on reciprocating applications and help reduce maintenance cost.

Moreover, it also preferred in certain unfavorable applications such as construction equipment, chemical process, off-shore, galvanizing and color coating line and coal-fired power plant where dusty, high-temperature, aggressive media, or intermittent movement are quite common in sealing environment.

FDA approved PTFE seals are widely adopted by foodstuff, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor process equipment. Rotary PTFE seals are also available.